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Ready to take back quality family time? Let Qualicare Calgary help with our custom caregiving approach, getting you back to spending quality time with your loved one. We will take the worry off of your family by providing home care solutions for every need, tailored to your family.

About Qualicare Calgary Alzheimer's & Dementia

Qualicare Home Care

Qualicare is one of Calgary's most trusted senior home care providers for the last 10 years and our local team is here to support you. We make getting home care easy and stress free.

Caring for a loved one who needs more than you can give feels overwhelming. At Qualicare, we come alongside you with home care solutions for every need. From companionship services through complex care for medical conditions, we'll help your honor their wish to stay home while receiving better care, and giving you the break you deserve.

Custom Care Plans and Registered Nurse Oversight

At Qualicare Home Care Calgary, we understand that your loved one may have special care needs and household tasks. That's why our Registered Nurse - Client Care Managers meet with the family to design a personalized care plan on exactly how to provide the best care and support you 24/7 along the way to ease stress and worry for the whole family.

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Our Services

Household Management

Helping Families Through Challenging Times

Daily tasks, running errands and housekeeping can become difficult tasks for the elderly and those with medical conditions. That's why Qualicare Home Care is happy to offer household management services in Calgary.

Let our caregivers help with everything from grocery shopping, meal planning, prescription pick-ups to taking your loved one to appointments and social events.

Our comprehensive home care plans allow your loved one to live happily at home instead of a facility while providing peace of mind for the family.

Experience The Qualicare Home Care Difference
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Compassionate care between our caregivers and your loved one are at the core of Qualicare's services.

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Custom care plans that are catered to your family's needs is what we specialize in.


Caregivers That Bring Joy

At Qualicare Home Care Calgary, we know that home care is about more than running errands and making sure your loved one doesn't miss medications. Our caregivers are here to bring companionship, conversation and happiness into your loved one's daily life, giving them an enriching experience to communicate with someone they get along with on the regular.

Our caregivers can also help with leisure outings and bring your loved one to see their friends and family. We can also accompany your loved one on their errands, arranging for transport and providing them with companionship as they complete their daily tasks.

Our Companionship Services

Caregivers provide companionship, including facilitating conversation, a lasting relationship, and mindfulness activities for mental well-being.

We will arrange transport for leisure outings, errands and appointments, along with accompanying your loved one.

Senior Care

Coordinating Family & Home Care

At Qualicare, we understand that family caregivers are the backbone of the home care experience, and we're here to support that. Whether you're looking for full-time or part-time home care services, we are here to support you.

We understand how overwhelming it can feel to manage the evolving needs of an aging parent. Just when you think you have something figured out, another hurdle throws your plan out the window. Sometimes you need a break or some advice, and that's okay. That's where Qualicare Home Care Calgary will step in.

The Sandwhich Generation

Managing careers, kids, and aging parents is not easy. In fact, it's very difficult to ensure the needs of everyone are fully met, including your own.

We can help by providing care for your aging parents so you can be the son or daughter you want to be without the added stress of care management.

Palliative Care

A Holistic Approach To End of Life Care

We understand that palliative care at home is overwhelming. It's challenging to have to care for your loved ones during difficult times, and we know you'd rather spend time with them than be responsible for their care and comfort. Let Qualicare step in and help, so your loved one does not have to be uprooted from their home to go to a hospice care centre.

Qualicare is here so that your loved one can spend their last moments comfortable at home instead of at a hospice centre. Let us handle their end of life care so you can focus on enjoying your time with your loved one.

Providing End Of Life Care

Qualicare provides empathetic hospice home care with effective pain management and companionship.

Don't feel like you can manage palliative home care? Let our qualified caregivers do it so you can enjoy time with your loved one.

Hospital Discharge Support

Hospital To Home Care

Qualicare is here to help support your recovery by making your transition from hospital to home care seamless. Once you are well enough to be discharged from the hospital, our caregivers will take it from there, helping you to recovery in the comfort of your home.

We will help coordinate and work with other home health services in the community to ensure you have the proper equipment and specialists oversight to ensure a safe hospital dishcharge. Our care team is here to ensure your comfort and peace of mind while helping avoid hospital readmissions.

Get Home & Get Well

Qualicare will start your private care in the hospital and help transition you from hospital to home care.

Our team will help prevent re-admission by making sure you are well cared for after your hospital discharge.

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Expert Care For Alzheimer's & Dementia

We understand that caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer's or dementia can be extremely difficult. That's why Qualicare Home Care Calgary is happy to specialize in Alzheimer's and dementia care.

Our caregivers will help your loved one stay in their home so they won't have to adjust to a new care center. We understand how important familiarity and comfort are to Alzheimer's and dementia patients, so Qualicare will always send the same caregiver to maintain consistency.

Calm & Mindful Care

Our caregivers will get to know your loved one and make sure their environment is calm and familiar.

Qualicare's caregivers will keep your loved one engaged with mindfulness activities to help slow the progression of Alzheimer's.

Let's Get Started

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Contact Us

Let us change how you experience home care. The first step is contacting us.

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Custom Care Plan

We will use our 360° approach to create a comprehensive care plan for you.

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Experience It

Relax, and enjoy the time you have with your loved one as a family member.

How Does It Work?

The Qualicare approach to home care is different from other agencies, starting with a meet and greet to create a customized care plan for every client. We understand that you have different needs, and our Care Experts will oversee the custom care plan during the client's caregiving services. Our care plans are also custom-tailored to each client to make sure we are meeting all of their needs.

The Qualicare 360° Approach

At Qualicare Home Care Calgary, we look at five areas of care to ensure that every need is covered. These five areas are the basis of our 360° approach. They include personal care, specialized care, co-ordinated care, emotional care and also family care. Every one of our custom care plans is built with these five pillars in mind to ensure that every client gets comprehensive care.

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Personal Care

Personal Care covers essential everyday tasks, including:

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Dressing, Bathing & Hygiene

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Meal Preparation

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Outings and Errands

Our personal care services ensure your loved one can live safely at home, aging in place in the home they love.

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Specialized Care

Specialized Care covers comprehensive care tailored to specific illnesses or injuries, such as:

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Alzheimer's & Dementia

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Stroke & Brain Injuries

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Care for Parkinson's

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Cancer Care and Support

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LPN Nursing Care

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Medical Advocacy with AHS

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Care Advice and Consulting

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Palliative Care

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Full 24/7 Support

From care for chronic illness to assisting with the transition to a care home after a hospital stay, our home health care offers the specialized care you need.

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Co-ordinated Care

Our co-ordinated care helps source additonal support and resources through our network of trusted partners in Calgary, including:

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Mobile Medical Specialists

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Legal & Financial Specialists

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Navigating The Health Care System

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Accompaniment To/From Appointments

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Hospital To Home Transition

Let Qualicare handle the logistics so you can relax and your loved one can get back to their home life quickly and also seamlessly.

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Emotional Care

Qualicare Home Care in Calgary understands that excellent care includes postive mood and happiness. We prioritize emotional support and joy to our clients in whatever ways we can, including:

Day To Day Companionship

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A Partner For Favourite Activities

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Accompaniment To Special Events & Outings

Through friendly conversation, outings, and general companionship, we help seniors combat isolation and loneliness.

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Family Care

Qualicare designed our care for the entire family. Our care includes support and giving family caregivers a break, including:

Respite Care for a Much Needed Break

Flexible Scheduling To Accommodate Family Commitments

Extra Housekeeping & Family Meal Preparation

Guiding Families Through The Caregiving Process

Navigating the healthcare system and co-ordinating medical care is more comfortable with a Qualicare Care Expert's trusted assistance.

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Emma's Story

Emma came to Qualicare worried that her loss of mobility would keep her from the activities and people she loves. So we designed a 360° Care Plan to help Emma retain her independence.

Thanks to Qualicare, Emma’s still tending roses at her local gardening club, and she never misses one of her granddaughter’s dance recitals.

Ready to experience the Qualicare difference like Emma and her family have? We will meet with your family and create a customized care plan to address all your care needs. Contact our Calgary caregivers today to get started.

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Get In Contact With Us

Contact our Qualicare Home Care Calgary Care Experts today to get started. When your loved one needs more care than you can give, it can create a stressful environment for you and your family. Are you ready to take your life back and get back to just enjoying the time you spend with your loved one, rather than worrying about your caregiving tasks? Let us support you and your family by taking the worry and hassle off of your hands, so you can enjoy the time you have with your loved one.

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Step 1: Give Us A Call

Our Care Experts will match you with the right caregiver and set up an initial meeting.

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Step 2: Care Assessment

We will meet and assess what your care requirements are and build a customized care plan.

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Step 3: Get Matched With A Caregiver

Qualicare's caregivers are highly experienced, professional and compassionate.

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STEP 4: Experience World-Class Care

Relax, and know that we are giving the best possible care to your loved one. Enjoy quality family time again.

Let Us Call You Back

    Ronda E

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    "Our family's experience with Qualicare, and the amazing caregivers has been fantastic! We have been using their services for almost a year in support of my 94 year old father."

    Lindsay S

    home care

    "I was very impressed with the service and care we received by Qualicare. I contacted them to provide care for my 88 year old father so that I could go on a much needed holiday."

    Sylvia W

    home care

    "Qualicare cared for my dad at home for just over 18 months. From the administration to the caregivers, there is a deep compassion to extend the kindest and competent caregiving."

    Lisa N

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    "I can not quite express, just how much they helped my mom over the years. She is still in her home today because of the great care and assistance she received from Qualicare."

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Home Care Questions

    We know that finding the right home care specialist for your loved one can be difficult. We understand that you must have many questions, which is why we answered some of the most frequently asked questions associated with home care services.

    If you have any other questions not answered in our frequently asked questions, please feel free to contact Qualicare Home Care Calgary. We're more than happy to assist you or schedule a free consultation to discuss your caregiving needs.

    Get In Contact With Us
    frequently asked questions
    frequently asked questions

    Will Using Private Services Exclude Receiving Self Managed Care Funding from AHS?

    No! Qualicare makes it a priority to ensure you are aware of all the public services and funding that may be available to you. We take the initiative to support you in acquiring these resources. Many of our clients have recieved Self Managed Care funding as a way to subsize the cost or private care. Another benefit is government funding will enable all care to be GST exempt as well.

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    Is Qualicare local?

    Yes. Qualicare Home Care in Calgary is a locally owned and operated home care agency. Our client support team and Care Managers are all in Calgary and you will get to know each one and how they can assist you on your home care journey. We do not operate out of a call center in Toronto or Vancouver as some other agencies do, we are HERE for you.

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    Is There a Long Term Contract to Sign?

    No. Everyone has changing needs so you are never locked into a long term commitment. You can increase and decrease hours as needed or simply provide 24 hours notice to cancel services.

    We believe that you'll be so happy and relieved to be working with our registered nurse Client Care Managers and incredible caregiving team that term commitments are not required.

    frequently asked questions

    Can Care be Provided in a LTC Facility or Hospital?

    While our services are often referred to as "senior home care," that doesn't mean that we only provide them at home, Qualicare offers quality care to clients wherever they are located. Whether our clients live in a house, in a long term care facility, in the hospital, or within a retirement community, we can provide the one to one care you need.

    frequently asked questions

    What Types Of Caregivers Are Available For Our Family?

    All of our caregivers are certified Health Care Aides who receive the additional training and certifications necessary to provide the right care to the clients they are serving. Qualicare Home Care Calgary is happy to have a Registered Nurse as our local Care Expert leading a fully qualified Care Team. We also provide LPN nursing services as needed.

    frequently asked questions

    How Does Caregiver Scheduling Work?

    Our collaborative approach to home care scheduling involves our local Care Expert discussing and assessing your needs, wants, and budget with you. When the inital weekly schedule is determined, whether that's a one companion visit per week, or 24-7 care due to advanced aged or illness, we begin selecting the right caregiving team to provide consistent optimal care. When changes are required, our friendly Scheduling Coordinator will be happy to make any changs you need, whether that's an increase or decrease in hours, or simply more preferred days and times.

    frequently asked questions

    What Else Does Qualicare Do?

    Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging. Our Care Experts can accompany clients to appointments, supporting them throughout the process. Our Care Experts keep relevant materials organized and on hand to enhance the flow of communiction. This ensures doctors have all the information needed to properly assess a patient's health, and our care team can implement their direction.

    Our registered nurse Client Care Managers are available at an hourly rate as required for additional consulting, appointment accompayment, family meetings or whatever additional guildance and support you may need.

    frequently asked questions

    Will Private Insurance Cover Qualicare Services?

    This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and it's possible. Numerous insurance plans cover all the nursing and personal support services offered by Qualicare. You should always verify your insurance company's coverage before moving forward with any senior home care service. If you choose to hire Qualicare, you will be responsible for reimbursement from your insurance company

    frequently asked questions

    How Does Prevention Play A Part In Qualicare Services?

    Our Care Experts are all experienced in co-ordinating senior home care and health care services. We have the knowledge and experience to help clients avoid hospitalizations by closely monitoring their condition, medication, lab results, specialist's reports, and much more.

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    How Does A Loved One's Family Benefit From Qualicare?

    Family members often take the brunt of the situation when ensuring a loved one receives high-quality senior home care. That's why we took the time to start Qualicare— to ensure that loved ones and their families get the support and also the guidance they need.

    Family members can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are getting exceptional care and support with the help of Qualicare, allowing them better to balance their professional, personal, and familial responsibilities. Our care co-ordination also helps ensure that loved ones and family members have proper care and have assistance at every step of this difficult time. We enable you to care for your loved one at your own pace, rather than having to act as an unpaid caregiver. Learn more about the Qualicare difference here.

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    What is Consistency of Care?

    When we match your or your family with the right caregivers, we do our best to ensure this is the same caregiver on a set schedule. We feel this is very important to build trust and relationships, as well as getting into personal care and household routines. When a caregiver is new to a family our registered nurse Client Care Managers provide a verbal orientatial and review of the Care Plan prior to their first visit.

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    How Does Alberta Health Services Feel About Involving Qualicare In The Process?

    Medical professionals regularly recognize the significant benefit of having our care team provide support through up-to-date and accurate reports. Our healthcare advocates also provide insightful knowledge on important health issues clients may be dealing with. This enables them to provide better, more personalized care. Qualicare often collaborates with doctors, case managers, and families to provide holistic client centered care.

    In many cases, our senior home care services help augment care by providing additiional private care in addition to the public services offered by AHS. This can greatly reduce cost while getting the full care schedule your family needs.  Further, government agencies also place great value on the collaboration and home care services we provide.