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Qualicare Home Care Calgary is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, David and Jaime. They are committed to providing the highest level of home care to Calgarians and their families. With Jaime, David and the Qualicare Home Care Calgary team, your loved one receives a medical health professional and advocate that champions their health, quality of life, and independence.

We believe in excellent home care rooted in the Qualicare values while prioritizing care from medical health professionals.

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Unique Nurse-Managed & Customized Home Care

Jaime Thompson has worked for over a decade in the acute world of Internal Medicine. The Ward of the 21st Century (Unit 36 Foothills Medical Centre) has been her home and also her bouncing ground since her early days as a nurse. Additionally, she focused her career on this medical teaching unit. Jamie was dealing primarily with acute medical complications of chronic diseases and the elderly population. She has also thrived in the experience of having her nursing skills challenged at every corner. Jaime developed the reputation of a strong Charge Nurse and also being a leader on the floor in her most recent years.

Jaime's heart and passion for the Alzheimer and Dementia population lead her to become a Learning Ambassador at the Alzheimer's Society.

As the Director of Care at Qualicare, Jaime provides an option of high-quality, tailored care to families in the greater Calgary area as mentioned in The Best Calgary's Top Home Health Agencies.

David's career experience started in Information Technology. He worked as a consultant in Information Technology, gaining many years of experience with project management and also with critical problem-solving. It took a serious family challenge to help them realize that they could combine their respective work experience and work together in the home care field.

Between Jaime and David's different career experiences, we are happy to bring you Qualicare Home Care Calgary. We are blending the best of these fields to bring you the best possible home care experience.

We've Been Where You Are

With A Loved One Who Needed Help

Our story starts just as yours does, with a family member that needed help.

Jaime's 90-year-old grandmother in Manitoba remained living at home. Her grandmother used a combination of government-funded caregivers to look after her basic needs. However, when Jaime went to visit, she was noticing significant personality changes. As a nurse, she came to the realization that this was due to her grandmother taking too much medication. However, Jaime was able to get this resolved quickly, and her grandmother was able to continue living at home.

This experience made Jaime recognize that even though many seniors are receiving adequate care for their basic needs, they need more. They need to have a medical advocate that could be there for them and their often unsure and over-burdened families. Often, home care professionals are not RNs and do not have a medical background.

Through Qualicare, Jaime and David recognized that they could combine primary compassionate care and also a qualified medical advocate. This combination allows seniors to safely remain at home while also maintaining a large degree of independence.

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