When a loved one needs medical assistance due to aging or a difficult illness, it affects the entire family. Most caregivers focus their attention on meeting minimum requirements for the client—and the client only. At Qualicare, we go beyond the minimum requirements, ensuring the whole family’s needs are addressed as well.

The healthcare system can be difficult to navigate and even disrupt your loved one’s treatments. Our nurse-managed caregivers provide comprehensive support for every aspect of your loved one’s care.

We work collaboratively with other medical care providers to ensure he or she is receiving the best treatment possible. We can also advocate on your behalf, acting as a liaison between your family and the hospital or other pertinent medical caregivers.

Our 360° approach makes sure that every aspect of our client’s and family’s care is taken care of so that families can just focus on being families.

Rochel listened to mom and dad, they had great visits, and she supported them without making them feel helpless. I really felt that Jaime is very thoughtful when selecting caregivers to match with their clients and families.

– Joan C.

Take a look at our 360° approach:

In-Home Assessment: When you contact Qualicare, we set up an assessment that can be conducted in your home, preferably with the family present. During this time, our nurse will recommend plans and care options that will best meet your needs.

Nurse Managers: Each and every case is managed by a nurse. Our nurses identify, train, monitor, and support the care teams.

360° CarePlan: Our care plans are carefully put together after listening to our clients’ needs as well as the family’s cares and concerns. This plan will establish the immediate care goals, but can be modified and further personalized according to client needs.

With your dedicated Personal Care Manager (PCM), you receive:

  • Creation and maintenance of your unique healthcare profile
  • 24/7, on-call support
  • Navigating the healthcare system
  • Proactive personalized healthcare planning
  • Single point of contact with specialists, doctors, hospitals, and family members
  • Family guidance and counselling
  • Access to knowledge about programs and options available
  • Placement and supervision of qualified home caregivers
  • Referrals to trusted home medical companies when equipment is needed
  • Enhancement in the level of care and quality of life for your loved one
  • A registered nurse as your families Health Care Advocate

Contact us to see how our 360° Approach can help your family.