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We understand that comprehensive and holistic care is about way more than just physical wellness. Qualicare Home Care's 360° approach focuses on every aspect of well-being, so our clients can live fulfilled and happy lives while we care for them.

Our Care Experts are here to help bring joy to our client's lives in the form of companionship and outings. We incorporate emotional care into each client's custom care plan, finding ways to make life more enjoyable and joyful.

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Qualicare's Companionship Services

An essential part of Qualicare Home Care's caregiving processes is to make sure our clients can find joy in their everyday lives. Our Care Experts can bring companionship and happiness into their lives, especially for our clients that live alone and are coping with the effects of isolation.


Conversation & Companionship

We know that isolation can affect mental and physical well-being, so we make it a point to focus on our clients' emotional care. Our Care Experts are here to provide regular, daily conversation, companionship and personal interaction.

When you choose Qualicare Home Care Calgary, you can trust we will pair your loved one with a compatible caregiver to form a strong and supportive relationship. When you choose Qualicare, you're choosing care that goes above and beyond.


Mindful Activities

Mental stimulation is essential when planning emotional care, but it is also crucial for personal and mental well-being. Our Care Experts will provide clients with a range of mindful activities to keep them both mentally stimulated and engaged.

We designed these activities to accommodate specific conditions, including Alzheimer's and conditions that require recovery after a traumatic brain injury. Our mindful activities will stimulate and encourage brain recovery.


Leisure Outings & Errands

Our Care Experts are here to accompany our clients on leisure outings and also on errands. Getting out of the house is a major way to enrich the emotional lives of our clients. Our Calgary caregivers can take our clients on walks, to visit friends and family, or to their favourite spots in the city.

We will co-ordinate transportation and provide companionship during these leisure outings and appointments. If other services are necessary to make the outing possible, we will handle the setup and co-ordination on behalf of our client.

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Errand Services

At Qualicare Home Care, we understand that not being able to run small everyday errands can affect our clients in a major way. When clients cannot run their own errands, it can heavily impact their comfort and routine.

That's why Qualicare's Care Experts are here to help. We are happy to run errands on behalf of our clients so they'll always have the comforts they're used to. Whether it's a freshly dry cleaned shirt or having their favourite foods and toiletry items in the house, we can help.


Appointment Assistance

We know that juggling different medical appointments can be difficult. When you have to see medical professionals, physical therapists and many other specialists, keeping an active calendar can be challenging. Let our Care Experts help your loved one by scheduling these appointments. We will also accompany them to the appointment to provide emotional support, reassurance and act as their medical advocate.

Reggie's Story

Reggie came to Qualicare worried that his loss of mobility would keep him from the activities and people he loves. So we designed a 360° Care Plan to help Reggie keep his independence.

Thanks to Qualicare, Reggie’s still playing at his local lawn bowling club, and he never misses his granddaughter’s dance recitals. Curious about the Qualicare Home Care's 360° approach works? Learn more about the Qualicare difference, and see how we can help care for your loved one today.

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Ronda E


"Our family's experience with Qualicare, and the amazing caregivers has been fantastic! We have been using their services for almost a year in support of my 94 year old father."

Lindsay S

"I was very impressed with the service and care we received by Qualicare. I contacted them to provide care for my 88 year old father so that I could go on a much needed holiday."

Sylvia W

"Qualicare cared for my dad at home for just over 18 months. From the administration to the caregivers, there is a deep compassion to extend the kindest and competent caregiving."

Lisa N

"I can not quite express, just how much they helped my mom over the years. She is still in her home today because of the great care and assistance she received from Qualicare."