Family Co-ordinated Care

Extra Support For The Family Home Care Team

Qualicare's core values are built on the concept of family home care. We know how impactful home care services are, and we prioritize keeping our clients safe and comfortable in their own homes. Our Care Experts are here to provide relief and ease your worries.

If you are currently the primary caregiver for your loved one, we know that it can be challenging to be responsible for their care. Let us provide some relief with our Care Experts so you can co-ordinate family time and just enjoy their presence again.

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Family Home Care Services

Qualicare's services are designed to support the entire family. Our family home care services provide assistance, guidance and a consultative approach to home care services.

Family Care Planning

We know that family is important, so we make a point to work closely with families during the care planning process. As your family's primary caregiver, you're familiar with the care tasks that need completion daily.

You also often have better insight into what your loved one needs. When Qualicare Home Care comes to do the initial chat and create our custom care plan, we want your input to precisely understand what needs to be done to support your family's needs comprehensively.

We do this to improve our clients' quality of care and make care more manageable for your entire family. Our Care Experts will help identify any gaps and relieve the burden so your family won't have to be responsible for these tasks.

family care
family care

Family Care Scheduling

When our Qualicare Home Care Experts start to build the 360° Custom Care Plan, we will request your family's input on scheduling.

Keeping a consistent schedule and routine is essential, so we want to make sure we're accommodating the client's preferred schedules. We also want to make the family's personal scheduling easier.

We do this to avoid any scheduling gaps where your loved one is left home alone. Our Care Experts are here to ensure you can have time for your important priorities, and our clients get to spend quality time with their families. Spending time with family is an essential part of home care.

Family Care Monitoring

Qualicare Home Care Calgary is here to keep your family in the loop and updated about the care of your loved one. We know it isn't easy to fully relax when someone else is caring for your family member, so we're happy to keep communication lines open.

If you're too busy or too far away to regularly visit your family member, we can keep you informed and updated through phone or email. No matter the situation, our Care Experts are here to keep you informed on your loved one's care status.

family care

Ronda E

family care
"Our family's experience with Qualicare, and the amazing caregivers has been fantastic! We have been using their services for almost a year in support of my 94 year old father."

Lindsay S

family care
"I was very impressed with the service and care we received by Qualicare. I contacted them to provide care for my 88 year old father so that I could go on a much needed holiday."

Sylvia W

family care
"Qualicare cared for my dad at home for just over 18 months. From the administration to the caregivers, there is a deep compassion to extend the kindest and competent caregiving."

Lisa N

family care
"I can not quite express, just how much they helped my mom over the years. She is still in her home today because of the great care and assistance she received from Qualicare."
family care

Respite Care

Sometimes you need a break. And that's okay. After all, caring for a family member can, at times, be stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming. When you act as an unpaid caregiver for your loved one, you can face high levels of physical, mental and emotional strain, leading to "caregiver burnout." Let us help by giving you a well-deserved break.

There's no need to feel guilty over not being able to provide all of the care yourself. That's why we're here. Qualicare Home Care Calgary offers respite care options for the times when you need to focus on yourself. After you've recharged, you can get back to providing care. We can step in on a part-time or an as-needed basis.

You may be wondering, what is respite care? Respite care providing daily caregivers with a much-needed break that they can plan around. Imagine having time off each week to run errands, meet friends for lunch, or simply read a book in a coffee shop. Or imagine finally taking a vacation. With Qualicare, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for – for however long you are away.

We know you want involvement in your loved one's care. There's gratification in being able to help them stay at home and comfortable. However, caring for ageing parents or family members with medical challenges can be tough on you. It can create an emotional and physical drain that can impact your health over time. We're here to make sure you don't burn out. When you proactively take time for yourself – to reduce stress and recharge – you come back to your family member engaged and renewed.

Unlike leaving your loved one with a friend or another family member, with Qualicare, you know your loved one will receive consistent and quality respite care, backed by medical training.

family care

Family Caregiver Support

We are here to support family caregivers in many ways other than respite care. If you feel like you're at risk for caregiver burnout, let us connect you to local support groups and services designed for family caregivers. We can also connect you to similar support groups for those coping with Alzheimer's, cancer or other similar conditions. This is just one of the ways that Qualicare Home Care can help family caregivers.

Often, our support comes from assisting family members with their caregiving duties rather than performing the tasks. That way, they can feel involved in the caregiving without feeling like they are abandoning their family caregiver duties. Qualicare is here to support you and help keep the "family" in family home care.

Contact Qualicare Home Care Calgary to see how we can help you cope with caregiver burnout. We'll support you in your caregiving duties.

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