Providing the right care in the right way is critical to your loved one’s quality of life. Qualicare caregivers are properly trained and oriented in the specifics of dementia care and have an in-depth understanding of how to manage the priorities as they change throughout the progression of the condition.

When you choose Qualicare to support your loved one, your family will also have a Nurse Manager providing ongoing professional monitoring, oversight and reviews of care in order to ensure the goals of your loved one are achieved.

Taking care of a family member with Alzheimer’s is very challenging. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the services that Qualicare has provided to my mother. Qualicare Family Home care has allowed my Mom to stay living in her home, which is everything to her. Continue reading testimonials.

– Lisa Nixon

Qualicare’s Alzheimer and dementia care allows you to become more informed and empowered.

Our Director of Care, Jaime Thompson RN BN, is a certified Best Friends™ Approach Associate Trainer. She uses her education and experience to create thorough dementia care plans and provide continuing education to our caregivers, and more importantly, our patient’s families. Jamie is passionate about and involved in The Alzheimer Society of Calgary and often volunteers her time to teach workshops on dementia care and family caregiving strategies.

Patient care that feels like family care

Our 360° care approach is about caring for your whole family. Your Qualicare caregiver essentially holds the role of “professional son / daughter” doing chores, providing companionship and completing any required health services. This allows you to maximize your quality time with your loved one, while minimizing your stress over the “to-do’s.”

Qualicare Alzheimer & Dementia Care Involves:

  • In-Home Assessment with a registered nurse Personal Care Manager
  • A personalized care plan to guide our caregivers
  • Assistance with daily living activities and help around the home
  • Meal preparation and nutritional support
  • Maintaining a safe environment while preventing issues
  • Encouraging positive behaviors
  • Friendly interaction to improve mood and create a sense of well being
  • Continuity of caregivers to build trust and relationships
  • Skilled care for challenging situations
  • Around the clock support – our caregivers have access to a nurse 24×7

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