When in the hospital, it’s often hard to receive the amount of individual attention your loved one requires.

By having a Qualicare personal Health Care Aide ensure the proper comfort, safety, and support during your family member’s stay, you know they are receiving the individual attention they need to return home as quickly as possible.

Woman On Wheelchair

Qualicare Calgary’s hospital support:

  • Provides one-on-one attention, helping to proactively prevent complications
  • Will most likely have a reduced length of stay because of this personal care
  • Sees consistent support through the rehabilitation process or post-operative care
  • Offers assistance with navigating Alberta Health Services
  • Develops a discharge plan, ensuring home care is in place before your loved one is discharged
  • Is an advocate for your family member’s health and recovery
  • Is sometimes covered through extended medical insurance for care
  • Sees that your loved one has their dignity remain intact at all times

Your Qualicare hospital support can include any of the following:

  • Companionship (reading, writing letters, engaging in a game of cards or any other activity, accompaniment off the ward for a change of scenery)
  • Positioning / bed adjustment
  • Gentle exercises
  • Personal grooming (i.e. washing, dressing), and / or toileting
  • Walking
  • Clear communication with nurses, other hospital staff, family and friends
  • Assistance with meals

Being proactive in receiving hospital support often accelerates your loved one’s hospital departure, while allowing your personal care member to ensure proper home care is in place prior to discharge.

Such proactive items to be organized involve:

  • Proper supplies being stored at your loved one’s home
  • Ensuring special equipment, if required, is readily available
  • Bedroom modifications, including ease in and out of the bed, and / or
  • Bathroom modifications for ease of use.

Our number one priority is to have your family member back home from the hospital, in as safe and smooth way as possible.


The comfort and dignity of your loved one and your peace of mind is always our top priority. Contact us to talk about your concerns and your options.