Hospital To Home Care

Transitioning From Hospital To Home Care

Hospital stays, whether planned or unplanned, can cause strain for the entire family. We know that you're ready to get you or your loved one back home to recuperate in the comfort of your own space. Qualicare Home Care Calgary understands the difficulties of transitioning from hospital care to home care, and we're here to support you and your loved ones.

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Our team at Qualicare Home Care Calgary is here to ease your worries and burdens to give your loved one the attention and care they need. Every member of our team is here to support your family during these times. You can trust that your loved one is getting the care they need from our Care Expert, a Registered Nurse with over 14-years of experience in the healthcare system.

hospital to home care

Step one: Get Well

Even when you're in the hospital, it can be difficult to get the care you need. Many hospital nurses and staff are overworked, and it can be challenging for them to meet all of their patient's needs. Qualicare's Care Experts can begin our private care a the hospital and act as your medical advocate to get you feeling better in no time.
hospital to home care

Step two: Get Home

Once you're medically stable enough to be discharged, it doesn't mean you're fully recovered. In many cases, when discharged, it still means you'll have to take things easy and rehabilitate slowly. Our Care Experts will help you plan for a safe return home. They'll provide excellent care when you're recovering at home.
hospital to home care

Step three: Get Back To Life

A big part of our Care Experts care plan when transitioning from hospital to home care is to avoid re-admission. We do this in various ways, following medical directions and making sure proper medications are taken at the right time. The last thing we want is for our client to go back to the hospital a second time. We want to avoid starting the recovery process all over again.

Ready to get home and get well? Contact Qualicare Home Care Calgary today to see how we can help offer guidance and support during this transition. We're here to provide excellent care and safely get you from the hospital back to your home. Whether you're looking for extra help for yourself or a loved one, we will pair you with a compatible Care Expert to make this process seamless.

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